Nexts Clock

A subtle clock for events, due tasks and…time

Nexts shows what's up in your next 12 hours by overlaying the Calendar and Reminders on a simple analog clock face.

Use Nexts as a dashboard to share your schedule with your family or colleagues or simply check your plans at a glance. But there's more…

Nexts – Layers






iBeacon? Yes, read on…

Use Nexts running on an iPad as an iBeacon-powered context marker and enable app shortcuts for other nearby devices in combination with our app Launch Here. You can launch Wunderlist or set a kitchen timer with a single swipe, right from your lock screen. There is more information about location-based app shortcuts on our blog.

Can I edit entries?
No. We focus on displaying what's next in the most unobtrusive, minimal way possible. For editing, please use the dedicated apps like Reminders and Calendar.

What is an iBeacon?
iBeacons are stand alone devices or objects that can be recoginzed by iOS. Grab a coffee and read more about iBeacons and how we see them on out blog.

Feedback & Support
We would love to see how you use Nexts. Please send us a photo. You can reach us via Twitter or mail.

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